Lawnya Vawnya | The Burning Hell
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The Burning Hell

About This Project

The Burning Hell is the songwriting project of Mathias Kom.  In the past, band members have fluctuated. However, the regular touring and recording lineup since 2011 has consistently been Kom, Ariel Sharratt (clarinet), Darren Browne (guitar), Nick Ferrio (bass) and Jake Nicoll (drums), although they are sometimes joined by guest musicians. Since 2013 Kom and Sharratt have embarked on occasional duo tours.

Known for their strong live show and literate and humorous lyrics, Kom has been described by The Globe and Mail as Canada’s “Randy Newmanand Cole Porter rolled into one, with one eye on the coming apocalypse and another on the neck of his ukulele”. In 2012 the band played 10 shows between the Netherlands and Slovenia in twenty-four hours. The band dedicated the record to DIY scenes and networks worldwide. A film crew accompanied the band and documented the trip.

In 2014, the tribute album My Name Is Mathias, featuring Canadian and international musicians performing the band’s songs, was released.