Lawnya Vawnya | Spitula Clark
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Spitula Clark

About This Project

Spitula Clark is a band that lives for making reverb doused psychedelic rock.  Never afraid to wear various influences upon their sleeve, the band weds classic psychedelic with shoegaze to create a sound that is uniquely their own. Although the signals from their guitar’s often weave through a myriad of pedals before engaging their amps, they make use of an old acoustic guitar to write most of the songs.  In this way, principle members Mike Luce and Jen McPhail strive to create music that is tuneful as it is spacey.


Spitula Clark got off the ground mid-2009 and independently released their debut record “Do The Spits,” on June 2nd 2011, in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  A few weeks after releasing the record, founding members Jen and Mike moved to St. John’s.  There the band played their first gig in the city as a duo before taking time off from performing to record. Eventually the band had the good fortune of recruiting Matt Hender on bass guitar and played a few more gigs before inevitably having to move back to Thunder Bay.


Since that time the band has continued to work on their sophomore album: Illuminations. Although the record had been considered complete before returning to Thunder Bay, a bunch of new songs inspired by various Island experiences came into being.  In order to make room for the new music, the band culled a few tracks from the original song cycle and released a four song EP called Love & Desire in August 2014.


Spitula Clark look forward to finally returning to St. John’s to perform at Lawnya Vawnya V.  There they will be reunited with honorary member Matt Hender and will augment their St. John’s line up to a four piece with special guest Brad Power on lead guitar.

The band will hit the stage at Distortions on April 25, opening for The Killing and Hiera.  At last, Spitula Clark will have the chance to perform new tunes such as  “Panic In Middle Cove” and “Submarine Collapse,” on the Island that provided the inspiration for the music.