Lawnya Vawnya | Rakel McMahon – It’s the media not you!
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Rakel McMahon – It’s the media not you!

About This Project

Rakel McMahon (b. 1983) lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the Art Academy of Iceland in 2008, holds a Diploma in Gender Studies from The University in Iceland and graduated with a from the Art Academy of Iceland (2014) where her final theses focused on performance art as a pedagogical method. Since 2013 Recent, current and upcoming performances and exhibitions include: Dimanche Rouge (2013), an experimental performance festival in Helsinki, Finland. The exhibition, The Days of the Child Prodigy Are Over (2014) by Wunderkind Collective at the THOKA Gallery, in Reykjavík and a upcoming solo exhibition at NAU Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden. McMahon is interested in approaching and presenting her subject matter with re-interpretation, metaphors, and reevaluation of serious/humor and what is considered normal. The subject and issues she works with are connected with gender, sexuality, stereotypes and normality. She works in two media forms: performance and painting/drawing/photo where she finds a meeting point where the two medias explore boundaries in dialogue. McMahon is also a board member at the Living Art Museum as well as Sequences Real Time Art Festival.

It´s the media not you is a collaborative performance art research residency which uses performance art as artistic medium, as well as the methodology in itself. Three artists Eva Ísleifs, Katrín Inga H.J. and Rakel McMahon will investigate the use and effects of performance art in both their individual and shared practices. The artists will work live within the Main Gallery space at Eastern Edge from April 17 to 26. The artists will also be participating in Lawnya Vawnya’s Talk Show event during their festival which happens concurrently with this exhibition.