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Kira Sheppard

About This Project

When Kira Sheppard walks into a room everybody stops and stares and says ‘Is that a harp?’

To which she often replies: ‘Yes, but I’m here too.’

And so she is. When you witness her perform there is no doubt that she is a true original. Her magnetic presence, independent spirit, sense of humour, sultry vocals accompanied by her masterfully intricate harp playing all combine to transport you to a strange universe that she has woven with some improbable magic. She can silence a room and effortlessly have everyone under her spell, no small task for a solo singer-songwriter these days.

Finding her own voice has been the product of a uniquely creative journey for Kira. A classically trained harpist from the age of 8, she ran away from music – and her home in eastern Canada – to join the circus (a variety of them, over the years). She spent her early 20s employed in a variety of artistic fields – from stage acting to burlesque and improv comedy – in a variety of delightfully surreal places (from San Francisco to Indonesia). During these years, she could be found on stage suspended in mid-air in mountain climbing gear (with a harp), dancing for children in front of giant chocolate fountains dressed as an elf, hitchhiking in the back of pick-up trucks (think that’s no big deal? Try doing it with a harp!) and performing as a mute clown in the ranches of millionaire cowboys.  All these adventures and relentless experimentation have served her well and informed her writing. Her lyrics express the wisdom that only comes to those with the courage to throw themselves into the world with complete abandon.

It was in 2008 that she came into her own as a songwriter. She has since recorded, toured and performed all across North America. Her self-released debut EP ‘Seven Million Songs’ was released in 2010, a collection of raw acoustic songs accompanied by her own original artwork (a published visual artist, this is just another one of her many creative outlets). Based in Toronto for several years she became a fixture in the indie music scene there, and a regular on the festival circuit.

Kira is currently located in St. John’s, Newfoundland where she is putting the finishing touches on her second album “Earth Tourist’. Produced and recorded by Sheppard herself, the album features a fuller, more developed sound, synthesizers and percussion blended with harp throughout. With European and Canadian tour dates in the works , Kira looks forward to sharing her latest creations with her fans. And to further adventures…