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25 Apr Mathias Kom on Susie Asado

Lawnya Vawnya co-founder and Burning Hell frontman Mathias Kom introduces us to Berlin-based band Susie Asado:
“I’ve known Berlin-based Susie Asado for many years, and ever since Ariel Sharratt started playing clarinet in the band, she and I have been busy talking up St. John’s to the other two members—songwriter Josepha Conrad and violinist Alicja Adamczyk—and we’ve told them it’s the very best city we know. Conversely, the women of Susie Asado are some of the best musicians I know, and Susie Asado songs are some of the best songs I know. They’re sharp, literary escapades that take the careful listener on a trip through unfolding landscapes of home and away, here and there, safe and scared. Sparse, even minimalist arrangements give Josepha’s incredible word-smithery and powerful voice a delicate platform to spring from. Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, and always smart, Susie Asado is the only band I know who can sing about a skyscraper and dance about a houseplant. They sing about suitcases opening and closing, too, so please give them a warm Lawnya Vawnya welcome and encourage them to unpack their bags here and stay for a while.”
Catch Susie Asado along with Doug Paisley and Dark for Dark at Rocket Room/Saturday/April 25/Doors at 7/Show at 8pm/$15
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24 Apr Alyson Samson on LV Presents Long Night with Vish Khanna

LV 5 volunteer Alyson Samson give us the run down on tonight’s early show: Long Night with Vish Khanna

“Vish Khanna is at it again. The Friday Night Talk Show will be full of fun and foolishness. A huge hit at last year’s festival. This year features Suds frontman Lee Hanlon, author Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Erin Turcke of Raymond’s Restaurant, and the trio of Icelandic performing artists in residency at Eastern Edge – they’ll all take the stage for a chat with Host Vish Khanna from Exclaim! Magazine. As well, throughout the night artist Amery Sandford will be live on location drawing. And really, if the house band is The Burning Hell – you wouldn’t dare miss that.”

Check it out! Eastern Edge, doors at 7pm, show starts at 8pm $10 (all ages)

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23 Apr Jon Hynes on Donovan Woods

Lawnya Vawnya Alumni Jon Hynes on Donovan Woods:
“One of the best songwriters, performers, and conversationalists that you may have never heard of yet.  Let me explain…
Songwriter: His songs are on regular rotation on CBC and his Nashville collaborations have been picked up by Tim McGraw and Keith Urban, and of course our own Alan Doyle.  So, yeah, he can write a tune.  A damn good one at that.
Performer: Donovan has the ability to transform a cafe, bar, or theatre to an intimate living room concert.  A concert where you and your most beloved are transfixed by the beauty and simplicity of one man and an acoustic guitar.  Oh, and there’s popcorn involved.  It’s an incredible evening.
Conversationalist:  Donovan will play a song, speak to you, play a song, speak to you, play a….get the pattern?  On stage he is a hilarious chatty Kathy and you’ll want to hear every single word.   Easily one of the best acts you will see at Lawnya Vawnya.  Scouts Honour*
*Never affiliated with Scouts.  CLB man all the way.”
Catch Donovan Woods/ Katie Baggs/Kira Sheppard/Reading by Eva Crocker Thursday Night, April 23 at Rocket Room $15/Doors at 7pm/All Ages
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23 Apr Roberto Granados-Ocon on SUUNS

Exclaim! Magazine’s (and longtime friend of the festival) Roberto Granados- Ocon on Montreal based outfit Suuns:

” Suuns’ Images du Futur is one of those go to records for me. It’s a great party record and it’s a great soundtrack for playing video games. Images du Futur is one of those records where you hear something new every time you hear it. That is probably the one of the reasons why I love seeing Suuns live so much. Every set is a new experience. When Lawnya Vawnya announced it’s lineup I was stoked to see Suuns on the bill, and I had saw them live in Toronto just a couple of days before.

First thing you’ll notice when you walk into the Ship is the wall of amps, and yes, Suuns are a loud band. I definitely advise you bring earplugs to the show, but the volume of live show is not for the sake of being loud, really the intensity of the bass and feedback is a part of the experience. The sound gets a hold of you and it gets you moving, you’ll be swaying to songs like “Edie’s Dream” and flat out dancing to “Pie IX.”

Suuns’ albums are full of odd sounds and riffs that they some how manage to make work within a song and seeing them perform those songs live is quite the trip. Don’t miss them Thursday night at the Ship.”

Catch Suuns/Walrus/ Mooch- Thursday, April 23, The Ship, 10pm, $20 or entry by festival pass (subject to capacity).


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21 Apr Joanna Barker on Mauno & Vulva Culture

Local Singer Songwriter Joanna Barker confesses her love for Mauno & Vulva Culture:

” You know in Bjork’s “I miss you”, she sings, “You are gorgeous, but I haven’t met you yet”? That’s how I feel about any of Nick Everett’s projects. I’ve been a fan of his work for years now, so much so that I am comfortable calling it gorgeous before I’ve even heard it. And that’s exactly how I felt about his latest project – Mauno. Upon actually hearing it, I was chanting that part in Bjork’s ‘Pagan Poetry’ – “I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him”.

Too much? Whatever. It’s really great. I cannot wait to see them at LV this year.

Mauno are eery and dreamy at the same time – but not nightmarish. They braid haunting harmonies through tight rhythms. And there’s this powerful trembling quality to Nick’s vocals and melodies that melt me. As if he’s on the edge of tears because he’s seen something truly great and is bursting to tell you about it.

Mauno released a split with Vulva Culture in February of this year and it’s a very sexy lullaby.

I had a crush on Vulva Culture as soon as I heard their band name. I’m going to go ahead and say that their misty layered harmonies, guitar effects, and otherworldly melodies create a very phantasmagorical space that I want to night-swim in forever. If I had to leave that watery dream, it’d be to slowly strip for a lover in the shadows of an outdoor fire. Seriously. I’m listening fireside right now and I want to invite my ex over to slowly make out for hours. That’s the sort of magic these tunes carry. Sexy, a little dangerous, hot and aqueous. I feel like I’m being called by sirens. And not only do I want to follow their voices, but I want to call back.

Remember at last year’s LV, Snowblink invited the audience to slow dance to their last tune? I predict slow dancing during Vulva Culture’s set. And I will likely be making out with whomever stands beside me. So be warned. Or, come on over.

Cool Fact: The drummer for Snowblink is Stephen from Omhouse (who also played LV last year). Omhouse, Mauno & Vulva Culture have toured together.”

Catch Vulva Culture along with Quidi Video/Jonny and the Cowabungas on Opening Night, Wednesday, April 22, at The Republic/ PWYC

Mauno/Family Video/Bleu play Distortion/Thursday April 23/$10

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Here’s what Lawnya Vawnya Co-Founder Dave Lander has to say about LV 5 visiting artists WEAVES:

” I was thinking the other day about the amount of live music I have seen. Whether it is for work or for pleasure, I have probably been to an average of 2.5 shows a week for the past 5 years. Let’s say those shows average 3 acts each. That means I’m averaging approximately 7.5 acts a week, 420 a year and just over 2000 for the past 5 years. So I have seen a bit of music.

Flat out, Weaves are unquestionably among the top 10 live bands I have ever seen.

Like most great things, it’s hard to describe what makes something so great. Weaves are innovative, tight, captivating, mesmerizing – I’m trying here, but sometimes words just don’t cut it. With 4 exceptional talents bringing 4 exceptional voices to form the Tour de force that is Weaves, they are truly distinct and unique. At times they are heavy, at times light – often in the same instant. At times achingly beautiful, other times it gets a bit ugly – again, Weaves can somehow accomplish these feats simultaneously.

Some of you will dance your face off and some might want to crowd surf. Then there are those that will be stuck in the jaw-dropped trance-like state resembling the one they always bring me to within 30 seconds of starting their set.

Weaves is one of the best live bands to emerge from Toronto in the past ten years and I can’t urge you enough to go, see Weaves and get in on Canada’s best kept secret (for now).

Just make sure you are ready to have a new favorite band.”

You can check out Weaves/ Suds/Slick Nixon on Friday April 24/ The Ship/10pm/$15 Cover

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